Which yacht week route is the best?

Tracey Hilpert asked a question: Which yacht week route is the best?
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The Greece route is by far the best-organized route. Sometimes things felt a little TOO organized at times but, remember, each activity organized on The Yacht Week is a suggestion and completely optional. If you want more free time to explore a destination, don't get FOMO and skip some of the organized parties.


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⛵ Which is the best route for yacht week croatia?

  • Some of the best day parties are also on the Croatia route. Whether it’s a massive raft party (where the boats are tied up in a big circle) or Carpe Diem club on Hvar, this route definitely takes the cake. The final regatta is also best on the Croatia route where the crews of each boat dress up and race for eternal glory.

⛵ Which is the best festival for yacht week?

  • Party at Ultra Europe, an iconic festival boasting the world's top EDM DJ's with unparalleled stage designs and top tier production. Share the Ultra Festival experience with 500 other Yacht Weekers from 62 countries in an epic week tailored for lovers of EDM, house and techno. Dirty Sexy Money (feat.

⛵ What yacht week is the best?

  • For me, The Yacht Week Greece is the most well-balanced route of them all. You get the gorgeous sailing experience, incredible island destinations, delicious Greek food, and fun parties. You’re guaranteed to have some really fun nights on the Greece route.

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What is yacht week in greece?

croatia yacht croatia sail

This mid-paced route will be an unforgettable experience as you spend seven days on the Aegean Sea visiting Greece's most beautiful locales including the islands of Poros, Spetses and Dokos. With between 20-30 yachts joining your voyage, you're sure to make plenty of new friends in Europe's sunniest country.

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What to pack for yacht week?

  • Space on a boat is limited, thus you need you pack a collapsable carry-on for your trip on The Yacht Week. Everything should be packed in a soft duffle bag. All of your clothes should be foldable and quick drying. Since you’ll be hopping on and off boats all week, bikinis will be your main choice of apparel.

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When did the yacht week start?

Where we came from. Back in 2006 we were just a bunch of uni friends who wanted to go sailing and explore far and wide. Today, we're still that same bunch of friends, only now there are 70,000 of us.

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Where is yacht week in europe?

If you are a hardcore party animal, the Yacht Week in Croatia is the place to be! There are around 30-35 yachts anchored at the harbour where you are also housed. This seven day long floating parties are every party lover's paradise!

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Yacht week croatia ultra what airport?

  • The Yacht Week works with various marinas in Croatia and they are all located relatively close to Split Airport. The marina you will depart from and return back to depends on the yacht you choose. The marina is specified on yacht cards and in your booking.

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How do i get to yacht week?

Directly across the street from the airport is local bus 37 which will take you to the entrance of Kastela Marina. Ask the bus driver to let you know when you reach the correct stop. Buses arrive every 20-30 minutes and cost approximately 12 Kuna.

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How much to tip for yacht week?

  • According to the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA) tipping guidelines, the general rule is to tip between 10% and 15% of your weekly charter fee, excluding running expenses and taxes. With that in mind, here are some other tipping “rule” for your charter: Let the captain decide who gets how much.

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What clothes to pack for yacht week?

croatia yacht yacht week party

Lightweight sweater and/or jacket: the evenings can be cool, so pack something warm. Casual eveningwear: easy, breezy dresses or shirts and shorts for restaurants. Sleepwear: keep it lightweight. Shoes: bring two pairs of flip-flops, sandals or slides plus one pair of closed-toe shoes, like trainers or boat/deck shoes.

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What do i need for yacht week?

  • Sandals and tennis shoes, exclusively. You do not need heels, EVER…
  • Lots of bathing suits…
  • Cover ups…
  • Tanks and tees…
  • Dresses…
  • Themed clothes…
  • You don't need jewelry unless it compliments your COSTUME.
  • Undies – you'll wear more than you think because you .might change twice a day.

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What do you do on yacht week?

You normally spend your day chilling on the yacht sailing from one port to another with a stop in a bay to cook lunch and have a swim. There will be a The Yacht Week party or event each day too, perhaps a circle raft or a party/activity once you arrive at the next island.

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What to pack for yacht week croatia?

the yacht yacht club

What you will wear on TYW

  • Sandals and tennis shoes, exclusively. I am so glad I heeded the recommendations from the internet/friends: Do not pack heels…
  • Lots of bathing suits. I brought 5 suits, and wore them all — some twice…
  • Cover ups…
  • Shorts, only…
  • Tanks and tees…
  • Sweater or jacket…
  • Dresses…
  • Themed clothes.

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Where does yacht week croatia leave from?

We depart from various marinas in Croatia and they are all located relatively close to Split airport, so you should always fly in and out of Split International Airport. The marina you will depart from and return back to will be the same and this marina depends on the yacht you choose.

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Which is the best benetti yacht to charter?

  • A fine example of the Benetti Classic series, luxury yacht ‘African Queen’ is a favourite charter choice for those looking for a relaxing and stylish escape. African Queen's impressive leisure and entertainment facilities make her the ideal charter yacht for socialising and entertaining with family and friends.

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Which is the best course for yacht crew?

  • Professional Yachtmaster Training (PYT) offers International Yacht Training (IYT) courses for professional and recreational yacht crew. The Bureau Veritas Certification is a symbol of our organization’s ongoing commitment to excellence.

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Which is the best definition of a yacht?

  • A motor or sailing vessel in commercial use (i.e. charter) for sport and pleasure, carrying no cargo and not more than 12 passengers. A pleasure vessel solely used for the recreational and leisure purpose of its owner and his guests. The government of the state whose flag the yacht is entitled to fly.

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Which is the best example of a yacht?

  • Recent Examples on the Web: Noun The new Grande Trideck features expansive living areas never seen before on a yacht this size.

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Which is the best example of yacht rock?

  • Many Eagles tunes could be classed as yacht rock, but we reckon their finest example comes from this track from their The Long Run album in 1979. Don Henley described the song as "straight Al Green", and that Glenn Frey, an R&B fan, was responsible for the R&B feel of the song.

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Which is the best luxury yacht to charter?

  • Featured Luxury Yachts for Charter. This is a small selection of the global luxury yacht charter fleet, with 3086 motor yachts, sail yachts, explorer yachts and catamarans to choose from including superyachts and megayachts, the world is your oyster.

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Which is the best paint for yacht varnish?

  • Why not look towards more durable paints such as Sadolin Superdec, Sadolin Beautiflex, Bedec Barn Paint, Bedec MSP (Multi Surface Paint)they will out perform oil base paints. Click to expand... Not heard of these paints before, will have a look into these. Thank you. Sohail Ahmed,Jun 13, 2020 #3 Sohail AhmedMember Astramax said: ↑

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Which is the best school for yacht design?

  • Alumni have gone on to work for the America’s Cup team Artemis Racing (pictured above). Offered as a postgraduate course, the Yacht Design 1st Level Masters at Milan’s ISAD design school is intended for students who have a degree in architecture, engineering or design.

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Which is the best sealer for a yacht?

  • Fairing Compound Converter by Alexseal®. Fairing Compound 202 is a solvent-free, epoxy-based, light-weight filler, which provides the ideal product for yachts that require filling and fairing. It has excellent application, sanding and... Premium 4 oz. Roll Additive by Alexseal®. ALEXSEAL Premium Topcoat 501.

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Which is the best yacht broker in greece?

  • Greece Yacht Charter is a renowned Greece broker agency, specialised in both yacht purchase and trade. Due to our experience we provide our clients with best service and reliable guidance through the process of buying and selling boats, new and used ones, motor or sailing yachts.

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Which is the best yacht for a wedding?

  • A Couples’ Choice Award winner, this yacht wedding venue has two vessels to choose from, the Infinity, which can host up to 130 guests, and the Ovation, which has space for as many as 300 guests. Couples rave about the delicious food, helpful staff, and elegant space.

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Which is the best yacht for shorthanded sailing?

  • For those looking for a more comfortable cruising yacht the Tofinou 10, Grand Soleil 46LC, Dehler 34 and X-Yachts Xc45 are all set up to be run by a skeleton crew. Read our guide to shorthanded sailing. For more help with boat-buying, see: Choosing a boat: which boat is right for me?

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Which is the best yacht to live aboard?

  • 1 Grand Banks 64. The Grand Banks 64 is a twin-engine trawler, designed by Tom Fexas… 2 DeFever 48. Though this is the smallest yacht with live-aboard potential we’re willing to consider, the DeFever 48 is most certainly worth your consideration. 3 Hatteras 90 Motor Yacht… 4 Marlow Explorer 97E… 5 Nordhavn 76…

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