When to change the rigging on a yacht?

Crystal Kilback asked a question: When to change the rigging on a yacht?
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  • It is the history of the yacht that dictates change – i.e. if you know the yacht has completed a circumnavigation in the past, it would be prudent to replace the standing rigging before heading across the ocean again.


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⛵ What does moused refer too in rigging?

Securing a shackle pin for safety, by means of wire looped between the pin head and the shackle body.

⛵ When did the new york yacht club change its rating system?

  • In 1887, the NYYC adopted the Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club 's rating rule, which handicapped length comparatively less. Then, in 1903, the NYYC changed its rating system to the "Herreshoff Rule", devised by the yacht designer, Nathanael Herreshoff.

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