Over hand knot or thumb knot?

Zora O'Connell asked a question: Over hand knot or thumb knot?
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⛵ Do hyenas knot when mating?

The male hyena does not have a knot, therefore they do not knot.

⛵ Is a liar's knot real?

Yes, the definition is 'any knot that is improperly tied, but looks correct'. So the granny knot is a liar's knot if you intended to tie a square knot.

⛵ What is a beggars knot?

A beggars knot is style of knot. There are different styles, which includes Windsor, Gordian, double overhand, and slip knot.

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There are 3 common names for the same knot - Overhand Knot, Thumb Knot, and Common Knot. None is more "correct" than the other, it is simply a matter of where the knot was taught to the person using the knot.

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